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Silver Hair Confidence Coach Background

About Silver Hair Confidence Coach

Confidence & Career Coaching for Introverts

About Silver Hair Confidence Coach

I'm Joy.

Like you, I’ve experienced major career transitions and I longed to find confidence and calmness in the chaos.

Self-doubt is like hiking uphill with a 100 lb. backpack strapped to your back.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Now you’re ready to step into the world of confidence leveraging the power of your unique, quiet, analytical, introspective, creative, introverted self.

Confidence is within you. It just needs to be reclaimed. My specialty is helping introverts navigate career pivots by leveraging the power of the analytical, creative, and introspective mind. Work with a career coach who gets you.

A little about me: I am a Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve and a Senior Program Manager for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching at a consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia. I am an introvert who had to learn to be an extrovert as I navigated through my career in the military and led intelligence professionals through periods of peace and in times of war. I'm an avid reader, I traveled solo through many foreign countries in my 20s and 30s and wrote my doctoral thesis on how Cold War leaders survive coups which got published into a book through Lexington Publishing. My business mantra is 'stop obsessing over what I want and focus on what other people need.' I am an advocate for hybrid and remote work and creating a career portfolio that shapes work around life and not the other way around. Creating powerful connections, finding calm in chaos, and helping introverted people find their inner strengths are my specialties.

Math Teacher

"I would highly recommend her for helping bring clarity and purpose to career goals."


What entrepreneurship means?

Have you heard that career and life pivots means:

Starting all over again.

Facing the unknown.

Risking going back into the same situation you left.

Losing your identity.

Facing the fear of learning new things.

Sacrificing more time away from the people you love.

So many fears lurk in the darkness and there’s hardly a place to go to get the support you need.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You deserve a guide to help you grow your confidence through transformational coaching. Let's get started today. 

Silver Hair Confidence Coach Background

You are not alone!

You shouldn’t have to figure everything out on your own without the support you need to take your confidence to the next level.

Certifications and Credentials

I published a book about how personality traits affect a leader's survival during tumultuous times.

Dr. Joy Patton - Certified Coach
Dr. Joy Patton - Professional Certified Coach
Silver Hair Confidence - EQ-i20 Certified
Silver Hair Confidence Coach - iEQ9 Accredited Practiotioner
Dr. Joy Patton - Certified Professional Career Coach
Certified Resume Analyst
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